Suggestions: Setting Up For Success w/ Josh Nicols (Wed 7/29)

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Workshop Date MT
LocationOnline Class
Instructor(s)Josh Nicols
Special NotesAll online classes are held on Zoom.

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Suggestions: Setting Up For Success w/ Josh Nicols (Wed 7/29)

The fact that the audience pushes the first domino sets improv apart. That should be honored. In the DNA of every audience suggestion you can find character, setting and emotional information. This class will cover how to turn suggestions into inspiration. It will focus on tools that will give you playable choices at the top of scenes. These tools will also help you be on the same page with your teammates without clunky narration. It’ll help you avoid focusing scenes on invisible objects, or scenes that don’t honor one of the most unique qualities of improv, the audience suggestion.

Josh Nicols Josh Nicols is artistic director and co-owner of RISE Comedy.  An LA Native, Josh has been a professional improv teacher, producer and performer for over 20 years. He has studied under instructors from iO West & Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, Groundlings, UCB, Second City & The Pack Theater. Josh is the creator of Spectacles Improv Engine’s unique focus based curriculum. He has performed and taught around the country and abroad. He is the Artistic Director/ Co-owner of RISE Comedy in Denver as well as the head counselor for Camp ImprovUtopia. Josh was the improv teacher at Mater Dei High School, He also served as the Training Center Director at the Westside Comedy Theater, prior to that he was the Artistic Director/ Co-Owner of Spectacles Improv Engine in Fullerton Ca. He created and directed 7 years of The Orange County Improv Festival and founder and former director of the The Improv Cup.
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