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RISE Comedy - Denver Improv Comedy Bar & Theater - Improv Comedy Classes

Workshop Details

Workshop Date: Sunday, January 14, 2024 @ 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM MT
Location: RISE Comedy, 1260 22nd St, Denver, CO 80205
Price: $1 - No charge for this workshop!
Special Notes:
  • Students will receive an email with class details and links 12-24 hours before the class. If you do not see this email, please check your spam folder as well!
  • Minimum class size is 8 students.

RISE Comedy Sketch/Auditions – Sun 1/14/24 @ 4:30 PM MT

Welcome to the RISE Comedy Sketch Auditions. Please fill this out as accurate as you can. We are a positive and inclusive space and will make sure your audition experience is amazing! Remember, we want you to succeed and we are on your side!

If you have any questions after this please e-mail [email protected]

RISE Comedy is having auditions for our Sketch House Team! How do you get one you ask? See below and it will have all the information for you!

THE AUDITION: You do not have had to take a class at RISE Comedy to audition. We are looking for actors and writers and actor/writers.
DATE of AUDITION: Sunday, January 14th 4:30p – 6p

There are 2 steps to the audition: a writing sample submission or a live audition for those wanting to be actor or an actor/writer.

Scripts/Writing packets/Links to your work are due Wednesday, January 10th.


1. RISE Comedy is looking for writers, actors, writer/actors for this round. At this time we are only looking for local in person talent.

2. Please send us a video of your work or any written work you think best represents you and your voice. You only have to send one and you are not required to send one. You can submit either one on this form below. Please submit one written or video sketch and sign up for an audition time. (See BELOW).

3. If you are auditioning as an actor or actor/writer prepared to audition with a character monologue or a comedic monologue (1 minute) Can be a little more or a little less don’t have to get it exact. Original work preferred, but not required. We also may pair you up and have you read with one of us or someone else who is auditioning. It will be a cold read, we will provide you with a script and explanation the day of. We may give you adjustments. If you have a headshot and resume, bring that too, however you don’t need one if you don’t have it.

We are now doing sketch seasonal runs, this sketch run will be February – May. You are committed to rehearsing once a week and a show once a month. Coaching Fee is $50 an hour, but split between 7-10 people. Usually rehearsals are 2.5 hours each. You will either do a monthly show or a repertory show (One show you write and perform for your run, swapping out sketches here and there. This depends on what the Director and Team want to do.)

You will have a director that will be with you every week and run the show. The rate is the RISE house team coaching rate of $50/hour (split by the whole group, not per person). The director acts as a head writer and will give you notes and direct the show. If you have financial issues, you can let me know by e-mailing me privately if you are cast and we will figure it out with you. We don’t want this to be the thing that stops you from being on a sketch team!

Writing Auditions – Open submissions, you do not need to attend the physical audition if you are only submitting as a writer. For written materials please have them in by: Wednesday, January 10th.

Audition for Actors and Actor/Writers – Auditions at Sunday, January 14th at 4:30p – 6p
Where: 1260 22nd Street Denver, CO 80205
*Arrive early for parking. https://risecomedy.com/map-parking-directions.

RISE Comedy believes representation matters in the decision making process and will have a panel of diverse local Denver voices who are well versed in sketch comedy who will watch auditions and read scripts and select people to be a part of the sketch teams here at RISE. If you do not make a team, that’s okay, there will be more opportunities down the line to audition again.