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RISE Comedy - Denver Improv Comedy Bar & Theater - Improv Comedy Classes

Workshop Details

Workshop Date: Sunday, January 14, 2024 @ 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM MT
Location: RISE Comedy, 1260 22nd St, Denver, CO 80205
Price: $1 - No charge for this workshop!
Special Notes:
  • Students will receive an email with class details and links 12-24 hours before the class. If you do not see this email, please check your spam folder as well!
  • Minimum class size is 8 students.

RISE Comedy Improv House Team Workshop/Auditions – Sun 1/14/24 @ 2:00 PM MT

Welcome to the RISE Comedy House Team Program Auditions/Workshop event. Please fill this out this form as accurate as you can. We are a positive and inclusive space and will make sure your audition experience is amazing! Remember, we want you to succeed and we are on your side! If you have a headshot and resume, bring that too, however you don’t need one if you don’t have it.

***You do not have to had taken classes at RISE Comedy to audition

If you have any questions after this please e-mail [email protected]

RISE Comedy is having HOUSE TEAM IMPROV PROGRAM AUDITIONS. How do you get one you ask? See below and it will have all the information for you!

Sunday, January 14th at 2-4p

***Auditions close for submissions on Wednesday, January 10th

We will treat the audition much like an improv workshop where Artistic Director Nick Armstrong and program coaches will take you through exercises, scenes and more. We believe auditions should be fun and productive time. We want you to get something out of this as well. We will have a diverse panel of folks observing the workshop and will help cast the shows.


RISE Improv House Teams will perform once a month and be coached by an approved RISE Comedy Coach. The RISE teams will represent our philosophies in improv. This is a chance to get reps, learn how to navigate a team and also learn even more. Even attend festivals. Consider it like another class at RISE where you get stage time and reps to get better.

RISE Up teams are teams still in development of certain improv skills. Guided by a coach they will get some stage time and be able to get better at their art. RISE Up members can be promoted to the House Teams at anytime.

Teams are usually 7-9 people who split at $80 coaching fee a week (Mostly 3 to 4 rehearsals a month, but depends on the team.)

Our Improv program consists or rehearsing once a week for four weeks with a show once to twice a month. You will have a coach and they will charge you $60 split between 8ish peoples. If you have financial issues, you can let me know by e-mailing me privately if you are cast and we will figure it out with you. We don’t want this to be the thing that stops you from being on a team.

When: In Person Audition/workshops are at RISE Comedy on Sunday, January 14th at 2p – 4p (Please be available for the whole workshop.)
Where: 1260 22nd Street Denver, Co 80205
*Arrive early for parking. https://risecomedy.com/map-parking-directions.

RISE Comedy believes representation matters in the decision making process and will have a panel of diverse teaching staff who are well versed in improv comedy who will watch the workshop and select people to be a part of the Improv house team program here at RISE. If you do not make a team, that’s okay, there will be more opportunities down the line and this is not the only way to do shows at RISE Comedy.