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The RISE Cup is a charity improv tournament hosted at RISE Comedy.  Proceeds for 2023 will benefit Mirror Image Arts!  Mirror Image Arts’ mission is to disrupt the prison pipeline through restorative theatre. Our Passion and Purpose is to imagine and create collective liberation for all. Each round will consist of two teams each performing a 10 minute set of any type of improv comedy, including but not limited to short form, long form and/or genre improv.

Day Two is going to have teams go up against each other based on their rankings from Day One.
Block Two will have teams going against some of the WINNING TEAMS from Block One.

Block Schedule:

Dumb Dogs vs Riffin Griffins

Dumb Dogs

  • Connor Schuck
  • Jared Mcbain
  • Jesse Joseph
  • Zach Mchale
Riffin Griffins
  • Jorge Soto
  • Shaina Abrams-Kornblum
  • Brian McCarthy
  • Skyler Brehm
Unruly urchins VS Winning Team (Block 1, Round 2) 
Unruly Urchins
  • Cody Ulrich
  • Chandler Harris
  • Byron Troy
  • Corey Welch

Prairielike Prairie Dogs VS Winning Team (Block 1, Round 1) 
Prairielike Prairie Dogs
  • Jacob Sorling
  • Anatasha Blakely
  • David Allison
  • Mikey Robledo