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Host Lauren LoGiudice (“fierce” – The New York Times) assembles a rotating cast of eclectic comedians to create a comedy experience for those who don’t fit the mold. Whether you are the misfit of the family or of the world at large, this Time Out New York recommended variety show will make you feel that you belong.

6pm – 7pm: Pre-Show Mingle
7pm Misfit Variety Show

Hosted by Lauren LoGiudice (HBO)

Song From: Rich Uhrlaub’s “For the Record(s)”
ShaNae Ross (Denver Improv)
Vicious Pryce (Irreverent Cabaret)
Kara Rubinstein Deyerin (Untangeling Our Roots and Right to Know)

Pre-Show Experts:
Right to Know
Coalition for Truth Transparency in Adoption


What do you mean by “misfit”?
We mean someone who doesn’t fit the mold and we’re inclusive about the diverse experiences that can create that feeling. This includes, but is certainly not limited to: growing up as a the outcast, having a crazy family, unusual upbringing, wild life experiences and choices, DNA test surprise, etc.

What exactly happens in the Misfit Variety Show?
The features standup, storytelling, a character-type act, and sometimes a guest expert. The audience also submits stories that are read anonymously (and lovingly).

What’s with the Pre-Show?
We bring together the Misfits, so we want to give you a chance to mingle. We create a social atmosphere so no matter if you come alone or with a group, you’ll make new friends (if you want! Introverts, don’t worry, no forced socialization). Also we have wellness experts on hand for handy tips to deal with your unique challenges.

What have people said about the show?
“A celebration of our own origin stories, no matter how super or complex they are. “ “Out of left field and very entertaining. And I like weird stuff.” “An open place to joke about everyone’s story.” “Made me feel like I wasn’t alone.” “Absolute blast.”

Can I come alone?
Yes! Here’s what a recent audience member said about that: “Definitely a good atmosphere for a solo person, everyone was very welcoming and friendly but also not overwhelming.”

Will comedians make fun of me?
It’s a positive-vibes show. As on audience member said point blank: “you won’t be a target at this show.”