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Improv Comedy Classes @ RISE Comedy

Class Details

Class Runs: Saturday afternoons @ 12:00 PM - 2:45 PM MT
Class Dates: Sat 10/8 - Sat 11/19 (7 classes total)
Location: RISE Comedy, 1260 22nd St, Denver, CO 80205
Instructor(s): Todd Couch
Price: $295/person
Special Notes:

Improv 301 (Sat 10/8- Sat 11/19)

In Level 301 students will get an introduction to playing character in improv. You’ll learn the basics of how to get into character and sustain one and explore point of view. Students will learn how to use characters in scenes and with their scene partners. This level will prepare you for 501, which is Advanced Character.

Student Showcase: Sunday 11/20 between 6-9pm.

Prerequisites:  Level 201.