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In Level 201 you will begin to work with your fellow improvisers and discover the joy of creating scenes together. You’ll learn how to construct honest and believable characters, environments, and scene flows. You’ll experiment with focus and listening. Most of all, you’ll have FUN!


Student Showcase: Sunday 9/10 between 6-9pm.

Prerequisite:  A Completed 101 or Education Director Approval

Haley Cohen has been an admirer of improv since she was 16 years old. She got her first taste of improv in high school when she joined ComedySportz. In 2016, fresh out of college, Haley moved to Asheville, NC where she got involved in Asheville Improv Collective. She graduated from their long-form improv program and became a teacher shortly after. Along with teaching, Haley performed regularly with AIC on her house team Blank Slate and long-form improv duo Aftermath.

In 2021, Haley decided it was time to seek new opportunities West. She settled in Denver and started getting involved at RISE Comedy. She is a member of Mockumentary Now! and Waiting Room. Outside of improv, Haley is a visual artist, rock climber, and avid hiker. She is passionate about helping students tap into their creativity and potential. She is thrilled to be an instructor with RISE Comedy!