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Corporate Entertainment in Denver

Corporate Entertainment in Denver - RISE Comedy Playhouse

Top corporate entertainment in Denver – customized, hilarious and memorable.

We’ll deliver a performance that your guest will be raving about!


“We used Voodoo for our staff Christmas party and it was super easy, fun and I received so much

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Team Building Ideas in Denver

If your group is looking for Team Building ideas in Denver, we have a few suggestions that could be a good fit.

Whether it’s a fun reward-type of experience, or you feel your team could benefit from an activity that …

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The First Thought: Part IV – Sport

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.”

Langston Hughes, The Collected Works of Langston Hughes


“Well, they say overweight people use humor to achieve affection.”

Eduardo Furtillo (as …

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Be the Sky in Improv


In improvisation, it is important to understand the role each actor plays. Similar to things that occur in the sky, such as thunderstorms and sunshine, improvisation is a great way to teach one another that we are the sky, not

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Ithamarathon Weekend

Denver’s comedy scene is booming. You’ve heard it, you’ve seen it. On top of the top-notch talent Denver hosted in 2015, the RISE Comedy Playhouse will welcome Ithamar Enriquez’s one-man show Ithamar Has Nothing to Say the first weekend in …

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Whitney’s Wit

Whitney Cummings, classic roaster and stand up comedian, has a new special coming out in January. Can we call her a powerhouse? The special is called “I’m Your Girlfriend” and is showing on HBO on January 23rd so mark …

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Sweet Karmel

Once again I was browsin’ ’round the vicious candyland called the world wide web for a laugh because my co-workers just weren’t cutting it. I mean I made them laugh, why can’t I get something funny in return…? Not to …

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Let’s Feel Good About Something

With all the terrible things happening in the world these past few weeks, you can’t surf the net without seeing that stuff everyday. While that stuff is important, it’s also important to take a step away from it and maybe …

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RISE Comedy Logo

Voodoo Comedy is now RISE Comedy!

Why RISE?  We choose to elevate the voices in our community, and help bring levity to our guests to rise from their everyday struggles.  Art and comedy are always about evolving.  So come RISE with us to the next evolution of Colorado improv comedy, play with us, and laugh with us!