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The RISE Cup is a charity improv tournament hosted at RISE Comedy, benefitting TGTHR – To End Youth Homelessness.  Performers will sign up as a tandem or by themselves and be randomly assigned to form a 4 person improv team. The event has room for 64 performers on 16 teams.

Each round will consist of two teams each performing a 10 minute set of any type of improv comedy, including but not limited to short form, long form and/or genre improv.

Spirit of the event: The purpose of this event is to better connect our community with folks they might not normally get a chance to perform and prepare with, while raising money for charity. The competitive element of the Rise Cup is for the audience, playfully used to generate excitement for the event and shows.

Performers of all skill levels are encouraged to take part but we ask that only performers above the age of 18 submit.

$20 submission fee per performer.


  • Sat 10/22:  Registrations Close
  • Sat 10/29:  RISE Cup Lottery, 3:00 PM @ RISE Comedy – This is where you find out who is on your team.
  • Sun 11/6:  Team Names and Graphics Deadline (More on that in the welcome packet which will be delivered after submissions close).
  • Fri 12/9:  RISE Cup Day 1, 7:00 – 11:00 PM – All 16 teams will perform in front of our ranking panel. The top 9 teams will move onto day 2. The panel will also choose 4 players from teams that didn’t move on to day two to form the 10th team for day 2. The teams will be seeded in order of the panels ranking with the Wild Card team being the 10th seed. If we only have 10 teams, all teams move forward.
  • Sat 12/10:  RISE Cup Day 2, 6:00 – 11:00 PM – Day 2 is head to head with audience voting. The bottom 3 seeds and the Wild Card team will play in play-in matches, with the winners joining the final 8. Those seeds will face off with audience vote determining the winners of each round until we crown a champion and hand out the trophies for the top teams including an MVP vote.