Ol’ Ralphie

Ralphie May is currently on a large comedy tour that will end in March in California. While driving around the country performing, he and his entourage stopped in Grand Junction, Co. Ralphie was scheduled to perform at the Avalon Theatre last night. According to the local news, the police were called halfway through the performance to escort Ralphie out for his own safety. It was reported that 15 to 20 angry ticket holders were congregating in the lobby demanding their money back for the tickets because Ralphie’s performance was not up to par. They said “he was slurring his words, not speaking directly into the microphone, and leaning on stools on the stage”. Click here for the local Grand Junction, CO article link.

The incident created quite the internet buzz because Ralphie, being outspoken on his views of marijuana, had obviously indulged in Colorado via his twitter account. There are even a few apologetic Grand Junctioneers posting to his account, apologizing for there fellow townsfolk. TMZ and the Cannabist posted articles about the incident, which is quite likely to be the most internet attention Grand Junction has ever had. Too bad it’s not very good press! Well whoever you are whatever your opinion of what happened, I’m pretty sure he will still make you laugh so check if he’s in your area on his tour page! In the meantime:



-KJ Willy