Break the Ice on that First Date at a Comedy Club

Date Night - Denver Standup ComedySome of us are rather gifted in the art of love. Some of us, however, are rather awkward at even the thought of hugging someone other than our parents. Its a curse, but all curses can be broken! Often, its the fear that we’ll embarrass ourselves in front of our date that causes us to avoid first dates altogether. The remedy? Take your date to a comedy club so you can laugh at other people together! 

RISE Comedy Playhouse is the finest in Denver standup comedy, and it can be your first date savior. Here are a few reasons why a rendezvous at the comedy club is a great first date;

Laughter – The most obvious benefit would be the gift of laughter. I think its safe to say that women and men alike love to be with someone who can make them laugh. Its almost always on their list of traits they’d like to their partner to have. Even if you feel like you’re not that funny of a person, you can at least take them somewhere to be entertained where you can both loosen up and laugh.

Atmosphere – Unlike a fancy restaurant or cold, quiet movie theatre, a comedy club has a relaxed, warm vibe. You’re surrounded by comedians and people who like to laugh! This can really help bring a relaxing vibe to the date.

Originality – A comedy club is probably an unexpected first date. This is a very, very good thing! Some people are bored with the same ol’ dinner and  a movie date. While dinner and a movie is a great date, save that for another time and keep them surprised in the beginning. Show them that you put effort into the date idea and make them feel special!

SO, your first date doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Contact us at RISE Comedy Playhouse and begin planning your first date experience. There’s always a different kind of show and there is always a good time waiting for you and your date!