Why An Improvisation Show Can Make For A Good First Date

Dating And Improv ComedyThere is an age old question about what the best kind of event to take a first date to is. Men have long been at a loss to select the right kind of first date to take their date to. They often fall back on the old standbys like dinner or the movies. However, these are not necessarily the best date ideas. 

Why An Improv Show Makes Sense 

An improvisation show can make for a great first date because of the off the wall nature of the show. The jokes come fast and furious, and this creates for a fun atmosphere that makes for a memorable night. This is a far cry from the numerous dates that blend in with the others. If you are the kind of person that takes a date to the movies, then your time together with that person will not stand out, and she may forget about you entirely.

The Expense Is Contained

A lot of men worry about the cost of dating. Many men still feel the pressure to pay for everything that is involved in their date. Some women still impose this expectation on the men that they date. It is a legitimate concern, but one that is contained when men choose the improvisation show as their date spot. The cost of the show is known, and the cost of anything else at the show is completely optional. It is an affordable experience.

A Good Experience Either Way

Sometimes first dates do not go as well as one hopes. If this is the case, at least the entertainment from the performers will be good. The date itself may not go as planned, but the very fact that the show was good could be enough to compensate for the bad date. This is yet another reason to consider attending a show.

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