Nervous About Trying Karaoke? Don’t Be!

abc_ntl_karaoke_110811_wgDo you sing in the car? How about on foot along to your headphones like some power-walking minstrel? If so, you’re a prime candidate for karaoke, the fine art of sipping a few alcoholic beverages and, for better or worse, wailing your favorite tunes into a mic with help from a handy teleprompter. Sadly, many talented car and shower balladiers are scared off by the prospect of singing in front of a crowd, much less amplified. To these poor souls, we implore: Free yourself! Take the stage, and relish the thrill!

Of course, no one expects even a mild case of stage fright to vanish with a few exclamation marks. To get into the groove, try a few of these tips to make your karaoke experience the beginning of a new favorite habit.

Bring friends. While the crowd at the Voodoo is always supportive, you may feel more comfortable with a posse of your own cheering you on. Try to find a couple of friends who’ve participated in karaoke before and a couple who haven’t. The newbies won’t feel alone, and the veterans will be happy to advise or push them on stage if necessary. Most importantly, it’ll turn the night into a fun group activity as you pore over the songbook, clink glasses, and pick out your second or third numbers.

Have a drink. No one’s suggesting the Eddie Van Halen method of curing stage fright, but an adult beverage or two is chemically proven to block inhibition and encourage spontaneous behavior. A cocktail from the bar could be the final shove necessary to overcome the fear of hearing your own voice emanating from a speaker. Even if the drink doesn’t instantly live up to its “liquid courage” moniker, you’ll still be loosened up, laughing and cheering for your friends. After clapping and whistling like an idiot for them, you might change your mind and run for the mic yourself.

Remember: It doesn’t matter if you suck. The point of the exercise is to have fun, right? With friends surrounding you and a whole crowd sharing the same positive modus operandi, it’s unlikely that anyone would want to tarnish the night’s easy-going vibe by heckling or criticizing. Karaoke isn’t “American Idol;” people love it because it’s an opportunity to let their hair down and sing without judgment. A spot on the list is the crowd’s only concern, and after a song or two, you’ll feel the same way.

Ready to experience the rush for yourself? Head down to the RISE Comedy Playhouse on a Friday night, and enjoy a cover-free night out with no drink minimum. Take a look at our calendar for a full list of events, and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.