Karaoke: Free Stress Relief for the Would-Be Rock Star

karaokeEver wonder what your falsetto rendition of “Hotel California” sounds like outside the shower? Rest assured, your friends don’t, but they’ll have a great time watching you find out. For a cover-free Friday, Saturday, or even Tuesday night out, try karaoke at RISE Comedy Playhouse, and experience the ancient Japanese ritual of playing rock star over a backing track to a cheering crowd of pals and peers.

For the novice, we’ll go through the karaoke process step by step. First, grab a drink. Next, find the songbook, which will list every track the Voodoo has to offer. Pick your favorite from a list of 30,000, and relax while you wait your turn.

At this point, it’s recommended that you sip your drink instead of biting your nails. If you’re reticent to sing in front of a crowd, remember: There’s no reason to be nervous. Karaoke audiences are infinitely forgiving. After all, they’re waiting to sing, too, and the Golden Rule applies – treat the brave soul at the mic how you wish to be treated. As for those who’ve already performed, they’re so buzzed on the post-stage adrenaline that they’ll clap at anything. Hell, you may even surprise yourself, and finish the song to earnest, uproarious applause.

The true joy of karaoke is in hopping on stage, by yourself or with a friend, and feeling the week’s stress evaporate as you belt out a favorite tune. Flat or pitch-perfect, you’ll step away from the mic grinning like a kid at the circus. Next thing you know, you’ll be ordering another beer while you mine the song book for a second number, wondering if you have the chutzpah to pull off “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The good times roll every Tuesday at 10pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 11pm, no cover, no drink minimum. Contact us with any questions, or check out our calendar for a full list of events, including improv, stand-up, and our award-winning burlesque.